Simplex FX 2.0.6

Source:Simplex Consulting, Inc.

Simplex FX is a foreign exchange (FX) analysis tool.

You can access real-time FX rates and charts. By inputting your positions, you can also check your profit and loss status.

Main Features and Functions of the tool:
- 10 Major Currency Pairs
- Real-Time FX Rates
- Multi-functional FX Charts (split chart view and technical analysis)
- Portfolio Management

For requests and comments, please send an email to the address below. Received requests and comments will be refered for future enhancements.

Simplex Consulting, Inc. provides financial high-tech consulting, system development and SaaS services to financial institutions backed by our profound knowledge in fixed income, equity, FX and derivatives.

Application Provider:
Simplex Consulting, Inc. (4340 Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Simplex U.S.A., Inc.

The Application Provider (Simplex Consulting, Inc.) may stop the service without any advance notification. For other disclaimers, please refer to the notices in the application.

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